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Quinta de Sant´Ana

These images are the culmination of a year long project documenting the day to day activities of the Quinta de Sant`Ana, a wine estate just north of Lisbon. The idea of the project was to capture the year of a wine farm, following the seasons… Read More

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South Coast | Iceland

Our last few days in Iceland were spent on the south coast, near the town of Vik. It was at this point in our trip that we realised just how big this island actually is. Bigger than Portugal, according to our friend Google. We drove… Read More

Snaefellsnes Peninsula Iceland

Snæfellsnes Peninsula | Iceland

After several days in Reykjavik and our day trip through the Golden Circle, we hit the road for a longer drive out to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula on the west coast of Iceland. This part of the island is very wild and windswept… not much in the… Read More

Golden Circle Iceland

Golden Circle | Iceland

Using Reykjavik as our base, we spent a day exploring the Golden Circle, which is a round-trip route through some of Iceland´s most famous attractions. These are the classic guidebook destinations and, predictably, they were packed with selfie-stick toting tour groups. Of course I am… Read More

Reykjavik Iceland

Reykjavik | Iceland

In August of 2015 we travelled to Iceland for a week… I´m sitting here trying to think of a word that can sum up how I feel about it all but the truth is that I can´t. Iceland is what I expected it to be… Read More

Costa Vicentina Portugal

Costa Vicentina | Portugal

We visited the Costa Vicentina several times this year and anyone who has been following this blog for more than 5 minutes will have realised that it´s pretty much our favourite part of Portugal… you can see more here and here. These images are from… Read More