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Goodbye summer…

This is pretty much my summer in a nutshell… there was lots of beach and delicious sunsets, quite a bit of sangria, an enormous amount of figs, Lisbon festivals in June, quite a bit of camping, seafood, more figs, more beach, Serra da Estrela, Algarve, Alentejo, more sangria and lots and lots of dogwalking. In between all of this there were 21 weddings and countless other shoots and  things… and the fact that the rain in Spain does NOT stay mainly on the plain, but you already heard about that… It was a good summer, but now it´s almost over. But that´s ok, because autumn is pretty great too, although if the good weather wants to hang around a bit longer, I´m not going to complain one bit!

All of these photos were taken on an iPhone and edited with the vscocam app… for those of you who insist that photography is all about the camera, yeah… not so much. If you follow me on Instagram you would probably have seen these already.

summer2013-01 summer2013-02 summer2013-03 summer2013-06 summer2013-04 summer2013-07 summer2013-08summer2013-09 summer2013-10 summer2013-11 summer2013-05 summer2013-12


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