Travel Photographer Venice Italy

Venice | Italy

Venice is one of those places that I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with. It´s Venice, there is literally no other place in the world like it, it´s breathtakingly beautiful and so unique that you can´t help but feel the love… but so completely overcrowded and expensive and badly managed that it dulls the shine of the city a bit. But Venice is Venice, and as this was my 3rd time here we were prepared for the madness, sort-of. I don´t think that these images do much to convey the intensity of the tourism here because we did everything…

Travel photographer Italy

Northern Italian Lakes

After leaving the French Alps we wandered around the lakes of northern Italy… Maggiore, Como, Orta and Lugano. Lake Lugano shares its shoreline with Switzerland so in the name of in-depth exploration we crossed the border, only to be shocked at how expensive it is there… and when an crotchety old man with more money than brains reversed his (very expensive) car into our van and then just drove off without checking to see what he´d damaged, we thought that we should really rather get back to Italy, where people are just as likely to reverse into you but at least…

fathom best travel photographers 2017

Fathom | Best Travel Photographers 2017

You guys, I am so stoked… Fathom recently released their annual list of 24 best travel photographers and I made the 2017 selection! I had totally not expected this and stumbled upon it about a week after they announced the list and I am super proud, even more so because some of the photographers I most admire (and secretly wish to be) are also on the list. To be recognised on the same page as Dan Tom, Nicole Franzen and Alex Strohl (!!!!) is just beyond exciting so I just had to share this and brag a little bit. 🙂 Check out the entire…

travel photographer france

French Alps

The French Alps was interesting for a variety of reasons… first off, because the entire time we were in France, the Football world cup was on and by the time we got to the final, Portugal against… wait for it… FRANCE, while we were in France, you can imagine that the locals were somewhat ambiguous about us being Portuguese. Before we wiped the floor with them, the French were polite but quite smug in their convictions that their team would beat the Portuguese. But then, they didn´t… and their smug politeness vanished into thin air. So we decided to head…

travel photographer dordogne france

Dordogne | France

After Mirepoix, we made a bee-line north towards the Dordogne region for my best friends wedding, which was a week long celebration of friends and family with much food, even more beer, and open campfires every night. We parked the van under a shady tree and didn´t move for a week, which felt amazing. We also did about 14 loads of laundry, first time we´d washed our sheets since leaving Portugal (shocking but true) which felt more than amazing. Many thanks to the very kind and long-suffering Wendy from Quirky Camping, who I´m sure didn´t realise quite how much laundry…

travel photographer mirepoix france

Mirepoix | France

After San Sebastian, we crossed the border on the coast and then turned inland, following the foothills of the Pyrenees to the town of Mirepoix… a place we´d never heard of and wouldn´t have even considered visiting if it weren´t for the fact that a friend of ours lives there. But as is always the case when on the road, these spontaneous itinerary changes are what make travelling fun and we´re really glad to have discovered such a pretty part of France, with her lakes and mountains and medieval towns. And the markets, the French win at farmers markets! Everything is…

food photographer san sebastian spain

San Sebastian | Spain

San Sebastian, or Donostia, is another city that we had previously visited but we spent a few days here on our trip because: pintxos. The Spanish lay claim to tapas but the Basques take it to a whole other level with their version: bigger, tastier and far more inventive than mere tapas, pintxos are more than just a pre-dinner snack or accompaniment to a few drinks. Pintxos eating is a huge part of the local culture and a social event in itself. Food is life in the Basque country, so we definitely weren´ t going to skip through town without eating as…

food photographer bilbao spain

Bilbao | Spain

So! After a 6 month hiatus on the blog, and almost a year after we set off on our European Van Voyager Adventure (how can it be that it´s been almost a year!!!) I have finally gotten (most) of my ducks in a  row and have some photos to share and stories to tell about our travels. And an adventure it was! We knew, going into this, that we would have stressful days, that the van would break down and that our (incredibly limited) knowledge on mechanics and electrics would be challenged on a regular basis… all of which happened,…

Dubrovnik Travel Writer Photographer

Mr Hudson | Dubrovnik City Guide

At the beginning of the year I was introduced to the site Mr Hudson Explores by a friend and fellow photographer Emanuele Siracusa, who asked me to co-produce a a few articles with him (his photos, my text). Since then, and co-inciding with our van-life adventure across Europe, I have been able to write and photograph several pieces for the site… the latest of which is a Dubrovnik city guide. I am really enjoying working together with the Mr Hudson team and it´s been great to watch this project grow and develop over this first year of it´s existence, here´s to many more!…

Travel Photographer Lisbon Portugal

Rhapsody Magazine | September 2016

Earlier this year I was contacted by Rhapsody, United Airlines inflight magazine, to photograph the Portuguese street artist Vhils and his works in Lisbon. I have been a huge fan of his work for many years and it was amazing to have the chance to meet him and hear more about his work and inspiration. The article ran in the September issue, you can see it in First and Business class on United Airlines, or see the story online HERE