Óbidos and no chocolate for dogs

The town of Óbidos is about an hour or so drive north of Lisbon and is a gorgeous and well preserved slice of mediaeval Portugal, complete with stone castles and thick walls all the way around. They also have a chocolate festival once a year. We went for the chocolate, but unfortunately, dogs aren’t allowed at the festival, so no chocolate for us. Instead, we wandered the tiny cobblestone roads and imagined living in the walled city hundreds of years ago, in constant fear of an attack by the Spanish, or the Moors, or both… makes todays financial “crisis” pale in comparison, really…


  1. bang photography

    Beautiful images, I just love the tonal consistency throughout.
    Chocolate festival sounds interesting, if not a little temptingly dangerous.

    1. dangerous indeed! probably a good idea we couldn’t make it… 😉

  2. hello!!!! these photos are so good!!! i loved the flowers… and yes, obidos is a lovely lovely place!! no dogs on the festival? 😦 well, but usually there is so much people, that you probably didn’t miss anything special 😉 hugs, twiggs

  3. Truly beautiful Kerry. Love the colours!!!!

  4. Kerry, Portugal is a marvelous country….the building and the history…the landscapes…the colors….everything there reminds me Brazil, my homecountry. When I am so tired in Sweden, I run to Lisbon…and I feel me in peace with my roots.
    great shots.

    1. thanks so much for a wonderful comment, I have been to both Brazil and Sweden and they couldn’t be more different, so I understand what you mean! next time you are in Lisbon, send me a message! xx

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