Autumn, chestnuts and horse-fairs… without horses.

Well, actually there were horses, lots and lots of them, but since Zé Pequeno is apparently NOT a horsey kind of dog I didn’t get close enough to taking actual photos of said horses. So I (we) took photos of the other (more important) things that were happening at Golegã last weekend. Namely: food and people watching.

There was a bit of agua-pé (alcohol) involved too, but one can’t drink, photograph and keep dog from eating-random-objects-on-ground simultaneously, so I have no photos from that part of the day…


  1. This is spectacular photography. Wow!

    1. Thanks so much!!

  2. Hi there Kerry, thanks for the post over at my blog, glad you did it so I could discover your blog to, really good. The shot above from the chestnuts are amazing, the colors are very good, as is the depth of field. By the way, The pictures of Zé Pequeno (which is a very funny name, I laughed when I’ve clicked the Zé Pequeno link and seen it) are great, the little guy is awesome. Gonna check your blog regularly from now on, cheers 🙂

  3. i love the emotion that you make me feel when i look at your photo’s – it’s uber pure awesomeness chazza

  4. Another wonderful post – always love the gorgeous images!!! Great capture of castanhas …

  5. @David: Thanks for such an awesome compliment! We named Zé Pequeno after that brazilian movie “Cidade de Deus”, have you seen it? Its a bit of an odd name, plus in Portugal every second guy in the street is Zé, so when we call him while were walking, everyone turns around to see if were calling them! Awkward!

    @Chazza: Thanks so much, you know i feel the same about your photos! luv u. xx

    @Gena: Thank you!! I always love to hear your comments! x

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