São Vicente, Cabo Verde

It was late in 2005 that I visited São Vicente, the biggest of the Cabo Verde islands. This was long before I had any idea about Portugal or her former colonies and even though my brand new Portuguese boyfriend was excited to drink a Sagres (beer) and feel a little bit at home it just seemed like Africa to me.

Now, however, looking back at these photos after having lived in Portugal for over a year, getting to know the culture and traditions, I can see the influences. Cabo Verde is definitely more Africa than anything else, but the connection is in the details: the Café Lisboa on a dusty side-street, the old men sitting outside drinking beer and talking politics, the Mercado Municipal and wrinkled ladies selling vegetables… the Sagres that made my (now) fiancée so happy.

I’ve always thought that you get so much more out of travelling if you know a bit about where you’re going… one day I will be back again.


  1. As always lovely post and great images!!

  2. Lena (sister)

    Kerry very beautifful, but the beer on the chairs is Super Bock, not Sagres!
    I have to congratulate you once more, because it’s more than the great images… the text “transport” my imagination to Cabo Verde. Congratulations.

    1. Thanks Lena, it was definitely a Sagres though, I have a photo to prove it, but decided not to post it here in case “o marido” got mad… bjs xxx

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