In which I obsess about windows and doors:

We have previously discussed my bicycle fetish and so it was only a matter of time before I had to confess to another photographic obsession. Windows. And doors. So technically 2 obsessions but who’s counting. I have recently been trying to ignore the windows as I walk down the street, because really… enough already. But last weekend we were in the Alentejo and I saw a window that I couldn’t resist, and so the floodgates have been opened…

Casa Branca, Portugal    Lisbon, Portugal    Serra de Sintra, Portugal   Gradil, Portugal  Alcaçovas, Portugal   Ericeira, Portugal   Ribamar, Portugal  Óbidos, Portugal  Carvoeira, Portugal  Tabuaço, Portugal  Ericeira, Portugal


  1. These are great – graphic and simple, while still capturing the feel of the location.

  2. Wonderful photos. I too love windows and doors, our business card is a pic of a window, and I have to restrain myself from including too many window/door photos on property descriptions!

  3. I understand your obsession with windows and doors, especially those filled with texture and character, lovely photos!!

  4. I’m smiling! I too have an obsession with old doors/ windows … and Portugal is just one of those places, where anywhere you look there is a wonderful door/ window to capture…. Reminds me I need to post some of my stuff from my June trip ….

  5. I share your obsession for windows and doors. And with the expectation of the surprising scenary awainting over the top of mountains.

  6. Gorgeous textures in these images. I can see why you’d be obsessed with shooting them when they’re so old and beautifully crafted.

  7. So glad i’m not alone in my window fetish, thank you all for your fantastic comments!! Love you guys, xx

  8. Kerry, you are so NOT alone with this fetish.. in fact I have to add that aside from the doors and windows I have to also confess to: wrought iron railings, old advertising signs, architectural detail in tile, stone, brick or wood etc and another one that hasn’t yet featured in my blog (but will one day soon) … municipal drain covers!
    Is there a name for this disease LOL ???
    Your first photo is my favourite, closely followed by the window ajar with the white paint smears… my perfectionist handyman Father in NZ would cringe at the paint smears but they add SO much character LOL.

  9. Municipal drain covers!! I can’t wait to see that collection. I’m also into the advertising signs, particularly when theyre peeling off the wall… and clouds… and too many other things to mention! I can think of diseases worse than this…

  10. OMG! I really love, all of them!

  11. […] SO it appears I have an obsession with fishing villages… yet another subject added to the long list of things I already covet and obsess […]

  12. You know, I didn’t realize how many other people out there had a love or obsession with windows and doors. In 1999, I was fortunate to travel to Ireland, and had so many windows and doors to love and take photos of, that I hit overdrive. Of course, Andrew Wyeth was in our “group”.

  13. I share your enthusiasm for windows and doors, I think these are great!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words!

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