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After the storm

I always make a point of going to Foz do Lizandro after heavy weather because between the flooded river and the rough seas there’s always a treasure of abandoned things washed up on the beach. It never fails to amuse and enthrall me the things… Read More

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There is a surprisingly large amount of things that Zé Pequeno and I have in common… we share a deep fondness for roast chicken, walking on the beach, nap time… and chasing the pigeons. This is Setubal, a beautiful city located on the banks of… Read More

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The Bicycle Fetish

I am a collector of things. All sorts of things, depending on my mood. Right now my obsessions are cigar boxes, fabrics, vintage postcards, buttons, 19th century botanical prints, art nouveau fonts. When I was 5 I went through my “pretty soaps” collection period. Then,… Read More