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Last week we had a rare wedding-free Saturday night and so we took a trip “across the river” to visit one of our favourite restaurant/bars with good friends and listen to some live music. Atira-te ao Rio is literally right on the banks of the Tejo river and in spite of it being in existence (rumour has it) for over 10 years and having been featured in the likes of Conde Naste Traveller, it is super low-key and laid back (and the fact that its pretty much impossible to find the first time round probably helps keep the mystery going too…)

The views over Lisbon are out of this world and they make a delicious caipirinha, (or two or three….) just add in the great company of your choice and you have the recipe for an awesome night.


  1. i loved these photos my friend! i loved the magical light of the evening and the view across the river! we’ve been wanting to go to this place for quite a while and now i think i will suggest that again to mr twiggs! 😉 take care! twiggs


    • Thanks for your lovely words!
      PLUS! I forgot to mention that they are 100% dog friendly (well, you have to sit outside of course, but that’s where the best view is!) which is another reason why we adore it so much, your Mr Kobe will love it!


  2. Thank you all for your comments, Lisbon is a beautiful place, it’s difficult to take a bad photo here…


  3. Erik

    Your pictures of Lisbon are magnificent. The colours, the views, the people.. Really love the way you manage to combine warm and cold colours in these pics.


  4. The last time I went to “Atira-te ao Rio” was in 1998 for a friends birthday party; and definitely, they had one of the best Caipirinhas we could drink around Lisbon area at that time. It is nice to know that they still keep on going.
    Nice pictures!


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