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Wedding season is drawing to a close, and even though I still have work to finalize and editing to do, I have been dying to get back to my little old blog… where I can do as I please and take photos for no reason at all other than to fill the gaps in my heart. And those gaps have slowly been growing, and with them, the realisation that doing a little bit of my own thing (in between the things that pay the bills) is important, essential even, for my creativity and mental health. I love my job, without a doubt, but sometimes I want to be a little bit selfish, and do things the way I feel like doing them, without having to consult or discuss or compromise… all of which are noble and essential traits in the business of photography (and the business of life in general), but sometimes it’s nice to leave the political correctness alone and just do what the hell you want to. So that’s why I have already decided what my New Years Resolution is going to be… more shooting for me and blogging here, even if I technically don’t have the time, I will make time, because taking photos for no-one other than for myself makes me happy, and sets me free, creatively. And this makes me a better wedding photographer. So that’s the plan. I am glad to be back!

A bike in Braga, taken a few months ago while we were up there to shoot a wedding. More to come…


  1. thats the idea. There is this feel good factor while one is on a rampant shooting spree. My blog has too given a meaning to my aimless shooting. Now I look at places around me and think about the stories that I can shoot and write about them in my blog.

    Its just a media, to make me shoot more but it does server its purpose…

    great post, Kerry!

  2. Yay! Have been loving all of the stunning wedding posts lately but so glad to see that you will soon be once again filling our screens with Kerry loveliness! Cant wait!

  3. Whole hearted sympathy and agreement with this – someone once said to me “why do you need a holiday, with your job, you can’t burn out on something you love, something that fabulous” Actually, you can, shocking as that is. It’s a matter of regaining mental freshness and your own perspective again, not the one you have to have for the work… good luck!

    1. So true, burn-out happens in every job, no matter how fabulous it is… Too much of the same thing every day is not good for the soul. Thanks for keeping up with my ramblings! xxx

  4. bang photography

    Good on ya!
    I’m a firm believer in “Photographic cross-training” go make photographs your way and in turn discover new ways to please your client. Or maybe you’ll discover things that won’t work for when a client requests it, thus giving you a confident voice when you tell them it just isn’t going to work how they want.
    Enjoy it, we are all photographers because we love making photographs, this is our reason, embrace it.


  5. Thank you all for you words of encouragement, I really appreciate the support, which was unexpected, after a 4 month silence! xxx

  6. Finally some new photos! Don’t go away like that again. Cheers. Brilliant this one.

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