Hiking in Cape Town – Table Mountain and Lion´s Head

Cape Town wouldn´t be Cape Town without Table Mountain… it´s what makes the city special, this mountain, and no matter where you are on the Cape Peninsula, you are always within a few kilometres of  some part of this small but beautiful range. And us Capetonians are quite precious about “our” mountain… take one of us out of this city and dump us in a place that´s completely flat and featureless and we wander around like lost lambs… we navigate and tell direction with our mountain, we use it to tell how the weather is going to be that day, we live in it´s shadow and love it as much as we love our beaches and our wine lands and our laid-back way of life… this mountain is a pretty special thing.

So it goes without saying that we spend a lot of time climbing Table Mountain, and the rest of the Cape Peninsula range. In high school I made friends with a guy who loved (still loves) the mountain more than your average Capetonian and he would frequently drag me up the slopes at 5am… so thanks to Jeremy my affection for “my” mountain grew as I got to know the trails better and now every time we´re back in the city we hike. (Jeremy still drags us out of bed at 5am) These images are from 2 separate hikes, first up is Lions Head…

hiking-1 travel photography cape town south africa travel photography cape town south africa travel photography cape town south africa travel photography cape town south africa hiking-2

Below is a photo taken from Table Mountain of Lion´s Head, to give you an idea of what we were climbing in the previous photos.

travel photography cape town south africa

Another hike that we did was on Table Mountain itself, we started off early in the morning on the Pipe Track above Camps Bay, hiked up through Kasteelspoort to the top and then headed back along the top towards the cable car station on the front of the table. We caught the cable car back down again, but if you wanted to walk you could take Platteklip Gorge down the front face.

travel photography cape town south africa travel photography cape town south africa travel photography cape town south africa hiking-3travel photography cape town south africa


  1. Beautiful photos of Capetown! You make it look so inviting

  2. Fantastic images Kerry….particularly like the 5th one from Lion’s Head…lovely shallow DoF and including the shadow of the man in the bottom left corner definitely adds to the composition.

  3. What a beautifful vieuws 🙂

    1. Thank you Ellen, you should visit one day. 🙂

  4. Kerry, you have some very good photos here. Congrats. I dream about travels like that, hovewer… I can’t afford that (I live in Croatia, and standard is very bad here).

    1. Thanks for your kind comments! Croatia is beautiful, I have only visited once, for a very short time but I would love to go back… you live in a lovely country. 🙂

  5. 21dirham

    Did you use a filters when post-processing your photos?

    1. Yes, I edit all my images in Lightroom and have several presets that I use.

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