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Mr Hudson | Cape Town City Guide

Mr Hudson is a recently launched travel blog and I am very excited to be on board as one of their contributing writers/photographers. I recently wrote and photographed a Cape Town Travel Guide for them, see the full article HERE, as well as my other contributions.

Hiking Lions Head Cape Town South Africa

Cape Town | South Africa

Cape Town is my hometown so I don´t tend to take a lot of photos when I´m here… my time is spent more on seeing friends and family and doing those everyday mundane things that are familiar, things that mean “home”. Stuff that you take for granted when you live somewhere suddenly becomes the most important thing ever when you live away. Things like a decent cup of tea, Marmite on Provita, waking up at dawn to climb a mountain… So these photos are a bit random and don´t have a very clear story line, but sometimes that´s just how…

travel photography cape town south africa

Hiking in Cape Town – Table Mountain and Lion´s Head

Cape Town wouldn´t be Cape Town without Table Mountain… it´s what makes the city special, this mountain, and no matter where you are on the Cape Peninsula, you are always within a few kilometres of  some part of this small but beautiful range. And us Capetonians are quite precious about “our” mountain… take one of us out of this city and dump us in a place that´s completely flat and featureless and we wander around like lost lambs… we navigate and tell direction with our mountain, we use it to tell how the weather is going to be that day,…