Southern Cape Coast

Sometimes I take loads of photos. Sometimes I feel really inspired and I shoot without even having to think very hard about what I´m doing… it´s just me and the camera and my surroundings and it all blurs together in a kind-of haze where I am vaguely conscious of the fact that I´m not really in control of the situation, nor do I really know if I´m shooting on the correct ISO or if my shutter speed is just right for the specific subject… but I just go with it because I know that when I´m in that zone it´s all going to come out better than I could have imagined.  And then… then I have moments where I´m just simply not feeling it. At all. Which sucks when you have clients and deadlines and other peoples expectations to deal with… because it´s literally impossible to force yourself into “the zone”. You either feel it, or you don´t.

But when you´re on holidays with people you haven´t seen in ages and all you want to do is soak up the familiar places and faces, without a camera between you and them… it´s ok to not want to shoot. So I didn´t… and thats why after more than a week on the southern cape coast I only have a handful of photos. But it´s all good… this is how it goes… ups and downs, creative highs and lows… such is life. These few images are from 2 separate times and places, once with old friends and another time with family… we spent our days eating, drinking, talking… or simply being in that wonderful comfortable silence that exists between people who have known each other for ages. No matter how long since you last saw them, it always seems like it was just yesterday.

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  1. Inês Lopes

    Love this. Mostly what you said about “feeling it”. Sometimes I go through these moments and think I am the only one 🙂 glad I’m not!

    1. It’s scary the first time it happens because everyone always says “Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” which is really lovely and all, and while I freaking adore my job… there are definitely days when it feels like hard work.
      I’m pretty sure that its just the nature of the beast… trying to “regulate” a creative profession when creativity, by definition, cannot be regulated… but still, it’s definitely a relief to know that A: you’re not alone and B: it’s not permanent, it just goes in cycles. 🙂

    1. Thanks Scott. 🙂

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