Shortly after we returned from South Africa, and before the post-summer-holiday-mid-winter-blues could set in, we squeezed into a small car with a videographer, a photographer and a DJ for an adventure up north in Porto. You can read more about the who/where/why over here but these are just a few quick shots from our weekend in this beautiful capital of the north.

We keep saying that we’re going to spend more time here, to get to know the city a bit better… but then again we keep saying a lot of things, like how we’re going to go to South America, or how we’re going to drive across Southern Africa, or how we’re going to eat less cake and really make an effort to do more excercise… all of which make a week in Porto seem pretty easy to achieve. It’s on the to-do list…

Porto Francesinha-1 Porto Francesinha-2 Porto-1 Porto Francesinha-3 Porto-2 Porto Francesinha-4


  1. I love your style. Recently I discovered your blog. Great one.

  2. Beautiful snaps, Reminds me of several Hollywood movies.
    And wait, what’s the name of that food. It made me drink a gallon of water, what dish and where could I get one?.. Is that tasty by the way

    Check out my scribblings here at http://abdulwajidck.wordpress.com

    1. Thanks! It´s called a “Francesinha” and you could probably only find it in Portugal, or somewhere that specialised in Portuguese food.

      1. Welcome and yeah, Thanks too.

        It takes quite a hard work for me to pronounce the name of food. I reside in India, and I guess I knew a Restaurant here which specializes in portugeese foods, Gotta hurry then.
        Btw, Do you have any idea how that food is made?

  3. I remember when I was in Porto I tried to eat one whole francesinha but I couldn’t finish it. But it’s a good meal to hit the streets of the city after eating.
    Looking back, my feelings about Porto are so wonderful…

    1. I have never been able to eat a whole Francesinha… they´re always too big, but still delicious! Good for sharing. 🙂

      1. Yes, of course. I don’t remember exactly, but a friend of mine said to me that you can find francesinhas only in Porto zone. I go to have lunch or dinner so often to Portugal, but in Alentejo zone, near Badajoz (my city in Spain), and I never found francesinhas anywhere in Portugal (even Lisbon), only in Porto. Good post.

      2. I have seen Francesinhas in one or 2 places in Lisbon but honestly, I wouldn´t eat them anywhere except Porto, they just wouldn´t be the same 😉

      3. Right!
        Maybe you’ve seen them near Saldanha’s neighborhood?
        I’m sure that there’s no francesinhas in Elvas, Campo Maior or Evora…

  4. And now I want to travel the world. That’s on my to-do list, too. ; )

    Just discovered your blog, and I’ll be back for more.

    1. The world is your oyster, Kate! 🙂

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