A quick update and Happy New Year!

Hey guys… as you may have noticed (ahem) I haven´t posted anything new in over a month but this is because were currently on the road in South Africa and I haven´t had the time to get online very much. But I just wanted to drop by and say thank you all for a wonderful year, 2014 was amazing, I hope it was great for you guys too and if not… here´s to an even better 2015! I still have lots to share with you from the past year´s adventures but it will have to wait until I´m back in Portugal, in a few weeks time. Until then, you can keep up with my travels on Instagram, follow me HERE. See you all in 2015! xo

Untitled 8 Untitled


  1. fraeuleinen

    Yay! South Africa! I would give a lot to have such nice weather now 🙂 In Germany it snowed this night …
    Have a nice trip! Simone

    1. Snow is also beautiful, enjoy it! Happy New Year!

  2. where in Portugal? Best 2015

  3. So… I wish you a wonderful New Year 2015 in the warm African sun ! 🙂 Blessings from France

  4. I wish I could have celebrated New Years Eve in South Africa 😦
    Great shot!

  5. Love the top photo! Really makes me want to go there

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