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Polaroiding in Lisbon

Last weekend we spent a photographic afternoon in Lisbon with Rui and Cristiana from Love is my Favorite Color. Rui (like most guys I know) is all about the gadgets, and since he’s a photographer, he’s all about the photo gadgets… and one of his… Read More

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So I’m probably one of the last people in the whole world to get into Instagram, but here I am, finally. I resisted getting an iPhone for ages because I didn’t want to become one of “those” people… you know, the ones who are permanently… Read More

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We’re not even halfway through the year and I am already failing miserably in my intentions to post here more regularly… it’s a sad truth that I still have photos from South Africa that haven’t even been edited yet, nevermind blogged… Anyway, maybe I’ll get… Read More