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Passeite | Organic olive oil in Portugal

Marije and Gui are a Dutch-Portuguese couple producing top quality olive oil in the Coimbra region of Portugal. We have known them for almost a decade and these two are powerhouses, always up to something new and innovative. Gui opened and runs a restaurant, Taberna do Azeite, in the old part of Coimbra (closed now thanks to COVID) that focused especially on paring olive oils with small plates of food. And Marije is the chief farming lady: planting, clearing, pruning, harvesting, pressing, bottling and packaging their organic, small batch extra virgin olive oil for their brand, Passeite. Safe to say…

Food Photographer Lisbon Portugal

Pistola e Corazon Taqueria | Food Photographer Lisbon

Some work I did a while back for Pistola e Corazon, in Lisbon. Photos by me and illustration overlays by Marta Fea, the creative genius and co-owner of this amazing taco joint… best tacos in the city! Food Photographer Lisbon

Food Photographer Lisbon Portugal

Taqueria Pistola y Corazon

A few weeks before we embarked on our crazy European road trip (and my access to the internet was reduced practically nothing) I was contacted by a Taqueria Pistola y Corazon, a Mexican restaurant in Lisbon, to shoot some images for their site and branding. I loved this place, their food is SO GOOD and unlike a lot of “Mexican restaurants” that aren´t in Mexico, their food is the real thing… the best I´ve had since I was last in Mexico… which was a very long time ago. These are a few of my favourite images from 2 days spent…

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Oviedo | Spain

Our first stop on our Asturian trip last summer was the small city of Oviedo. As usual, we gravitate towards the food markets… it´s like a built-in compass that we have, impossible to avoid. So it didn´t take us long to find Oviedo´s Mercado, which is where we spent most of our time (and our money). The Asturians are very much into super-stinky blue cheese and cured meats… loads of cured meats. This is not a vegetarian friendly destination, but lucky for us we´re not (vegetarians) and a fair amount of our returning luggage was filled with jamon.

Wine in Lisbon – for Accent Magazine

As promised last week, here a few out-takes and some of my favourite images from a recent assignment for Accent magazine, Aeromexico´s inflight magazine. You can see the tear sheets from the magazine HERE.

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Modern Lisbon – A food story for Travel & Leisure Magazine

As promised last week, these are a few out-takes and some of my favourite images from a recent assignment for Travel and Leisure Mexico… an amazing combination of food and travel photography in one of my favourite cities in all the world (second only to Cape Town!!)


It´s about early spring, sunshine on the balcony, lazy days with good friends, flaky pastry, smokey bacon, guitar riffs wafting in on the breeze, dirty dishes that someone else will wash up… hopefully… otherwise, who cares? They can stay there until tomorrow.

Festas da Lisboa | Lisbon Festivals

June is my favourite time of year to be in Lisbon… it´s the month in which the city dresses up and parties hard, the wine flows, the local party music drifts through the evening haze, carried along by the smoke of a hundred charcoal fires and the smell of sardines… delicious grilled sardines which, for me, is such a quintessentially Portuguese thing I don´t think I´d even be able to associate them with any other country. The city of Lisbon is essentially like a bunch of small villages crammed together… there are residential areas tucked away in the middle of…

Rome Markets | Italy

On our recent trip to Rome we planned to do more of a foodie trip, rather than a “monuments and museums” kind of holiday… so I did a bit of research beforehand (and created an entire Pinterest board with ideas and recommendations from friends) to find the best local markets. As it turns out, the research wasn’t all that necessary because there are farmer’s markets just about everywhere in the city, we stumbled across many just while wandering the streets, particularly in the neighbourhoods just outside of the “tourist zone”… Trastevere, Pigneto etc. There is also a lovely market right…

Christmas Cookies

Cookies are good any time of the year, but I always seem to make them more often around Christmas time… These ones are shortbread and are ridiculously easy to make, they only need 4 ingredients and you don’t even really need to be exact in your measurements. As long as you’re able to work it all together into an easy-to-roll-out dough, you’re good. If it’s too solid? Add a bit more butter. Too soft? A bit more flour. Easy. Plus, they’re delicious… Merry Christmas! 250g butter 2 cups flour 1 cup Maizena (corn flour) 1/2 cup sugar Cream the sugar…