Porto Portugal

Porto | Portugal

Every time we visit Porto I fall a bit more in love with this quirky little city. It´s different from Lisbon, in spite of still feeling Portuguese it´s almost as though you´re in another country. It´s a small, compact city, which is great because you can abandon your car and head everywhere on foot and there are so many cute little corners and tiny shops to be discovered, it´s always such a treat to spend a few days here.

Mercado do Bolhão, Porto | Bolhão Market, Porto

The Mercado do Bolhão in Porto is one of the most iconic markets in the city and dates back to the early 1800´s. I´m sure that in it´s hey-day it must have been one of the biggest and busiest markets in Porto but unfortunately it has fallen into disrepair and is desperately in need of renovations and some serious structural improvements. There are sections of the market that are, literally, being held up by scaffolding and there are a lot of empty stalls and shops. Nevertheless, this market is still worth the visit and hopefully something will be done to…