Nazaré | Portugal

A few images from a trip up the west coast to the fishing town of Nazaré, famous for big wave surfing and bad-ass old ladies who wear loads of skirts (all at the same time). I didn´t get any photos of the ladies, but next time I will.

Berlenga Islands Peniche

Berlenga Island | Peniche

Last summer we hopped on a ferry boat in the fishing town of Peniche to spend the day on Berlenga island, off the west coast of Portugal. The Berlenga archipelago is a nature reserve so the “human footprint” is quite limited… apart from a few houses at the harbour, the lighthouse and the fort, there isn´t much here apart from seagulls and clear blue seas. We only spend the day but I loved the wildness of this place and would definitely like to come back and spend a few days here.

Tiny Atlas Quarterly Travel Photography

Tiny Atlas Quarterly | West Coast

Tiny Atlas Quarterly is one of my very favourite online travel magazines and I´ve been a fan since they published the first issue in 2013, so it goes without saying that I am very stoked to have one of my images on the cover of their latest, the West Coast issue. Apart from their inspiring imagery and creative layout, what I love about TAQ is that it´s a labour of love, a personal project started by Californian photographer Emily Nathan, that has grown exponentially since it launched a few years back. What started out as a space for creative collaborations and…

Juncais - Serra da Estrela

Juncais | Serra da Estrela

Being a freelancer and  working from home has it´s pro´s and con´s, like everything else in life. Pro´s include being able to work when the inspiration strikes, whether it´s during the “real world work hours” or at 3am and conversely, being able to take time off on a Tuesday afternoon because the weather is great and you´d really just like to be on the beach right now. It also means that you can spend the entire day in your pyjamas which may or may not be a good thing… I´m on the fence about that one. The crappy part, however,…

Travel and Food Photographer Portugal

Accent Magazine for AeroMexico – July 2015

Tear sheets from an article I photographed a few months back for Accent Magazine, AeroMexico´s first and business class in-flight mag. 

Travel photography Bahia Brazil

Barra Grande, Bahia | Brazil

Our time in Bahia was always hot and mostly rainy… that tropical kind of rain that comes suddenly, drenches everything and then disappears as fast at it arrived, leaving everything to steam dry in the sun. We left Itacaré and headed north on the Peninsula de Marau, destination: Barra Grande. The road is dirt and was in pretty good condition as we started, but after about 10 km it got worse and worse… combined with the rain and speeding devil-trucks it wasn´t long before we were driving on a slippery potholed excuse for a road. You know those National Geographic documentaries that…

Travel photography Itacare Bahia Brazil

Itacaré, Bahia | Brazil

Towards the end of last year we had the opportunity to travel to Brazil for work and decided to make a road-trip of it. The work part was just a few days but we booked 2 weeks, hired a car and hit the road in the state of Bahia… starting off in Ilheus and ending up in the capital, Salvador de Bahia. This experience was, in a word, life-changing. Well technically, that was two words… and it all sounds really dramatic, like I´m not the same person I was before I left, but I feel like we learnt so much and…

Ilha do Farol Algarve Portugal

Ilha do Farol | Algarve

The Ilha do Farol is probably one of my favourite places in the Algarve, at least from what I´ve seen so far. This southern stretch of Portugal has unfortunately (but quite deservedly) made a bit of a reputation for itself as being cheap, trashy and full of drunk Brits on holidays… you don´t need to spend more than 5 minutes in Albufeira to know what I´m talking about. (Quick tip… don´t ever, ever go to Albufeira.) But the Ilha do Farol is none of these things… this long thin island off the coast of Olhão is only accessible by boat…

Mercado do Bolhão, Porto | Bolhão Market, Porto

The Mercado do Bolhão in Porto is one of the most iconic markets in the city and dates back to the early 1800´s. I´m sure that in it´s hey-day it must have been one of the biggest and busiest markets in Porto but unfortunately it has fallen into disrepair and is desperately in need of renovations and some serious structural improvements. There are sections of the market that are, literally, being held up by scaffolding and there are a lot of empty stalls and shops. Nevertheless, this market is still worth the visit and hopefully something will be done to…

Mértola | Alentejo

Mértola was one of the first places I visited in Portugal, back in 2007 while here on holiday for the first time. I remember being fascinated by the tiny white houses and mismatched roof tiles, so very different to what I was used to back home… but the thing that made the biggest impression, that took my breath away quite literally, was the heat. So much heat. No wind, no shade, just hot white light reflecting everywhere and a cloudless blue sky burning down from above. So keeping that in mind, try not to visit in the peak of summer… not…