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Back in Portugal, these are a few photos of Lisbon from several different trips to the city, many of them outtakes from other assignments and some just from wandering the streets… Lisbon has a very particular light that is hard to describe but wonderful to photograph. SaveSave SaveSave

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Cacilhas, Almada

Everyone who visits Lisbon knows that the city is right on the Tejo river, the lifeblood of the city and quite possibly the reason it was built in the first place. But most visitors never head across the river to look back at the city from the other side. And it really is an amazing view. Historically the “industrial” side of the river, Cacilhas and the old warehouses at the river´s edge have unfortunately fallen into disrepair, almost all of them abandoned, and you only really see local fishermen, or visitors who are searching for something different, walking the water´s…