Travel Photography Ithaka Greece

Ithaki | Greece

From Kefalonia we hopped onto another ferry to Ithaki, a tiny unassuming island that turned out to be the highlight of Greece, maybe even the highlight of the entire trip? Hard to say… but it´s up there in our top 5 favourite places. We arrived in mid September, so the tourist season was well and truly over, but the weather was still great and we had the place more or less to ourselves. I´m sure that in August the vibe would have been quite different, but during the time we were there, the island was sleepy and laid-back. Locals just…

Travel Photography Kefalonia Greece

Kefalonia | Greece

From Lefkada we boarded an early morning ferry to Kefalonia, arriving in Fiskardo on the northern tip of the island. Kefalonia is posh. Beautiful, but not wild and ramshackle like Lefkada had been. There is a lot of tourism here and a lot of rich people, which means that towns are clean and beautifully restored… lovely for photos but lacking just a little bit in soul. We were also unceremoniously chased off of Myrtos beach halfway through cooking our supper as apparently campers are not allowed to overnight there. Since it is not illegal to park and sleep on public…

Travel Photography Lefkada Greece

Lefkada | Greece

Lefkada was an unknown island to us, we´d never heard of it but it made it onto our trip itinerary because of the fact that it has a bridge connecting it to the mainland, which meant one less ferry trip in the van, which was good for our dwindling budget. But I am glad we visited because not only does this island have some seriously mind-blowingly beautiful beaches, but also produces some of the best honey I have ever tasted. The entire island is blanketed in wild thyme and sage, it is a bee paradise and the honey is sublime….

Travel Photography Corfu Greece

Corfu | Greece

After our short but sweet adventures through Albania we crossed the border into Greece, an event we´d been somewhat dreading because of our dog but absolutely nobody cared one bit about him or his passport and we were waved through somewhat impatiently, as it was almost dinner time and we got the feeling the border officials would rather be elsewhere. We headed to Igoumenitsa where we boarded a ferry to Corfu and began island hopping through the Ionian Islands. Corfu is simultaneously terrible and wonderful… a double edged sword of tacky tourism in the south together with incredible mountainous landscapes…