Yesterday Zé Pequeno (our dog) and I played “tourist” in the big city, which is always fun except that dogs are maybe not the best photographic assistants…

And I know that this one is a repeat of the first photo, but really, I just love lens flare too much and couldn’t decide which one I love the most… so you choose.


  1. Fascinating detail in these compositions, and a very refreshing style, which all add up to make this a great series.

  2. The mellow range of tones is lovely!

  3. I’ve been to Lisboa too last year. Portugal is amazing.
    You captured them in a great mood.

    I love the ‘door-picture’, I had one too… Other place, other door but still. 🙂
    The books is a nice way to play with view of depth. 🙂


  4. amazing details my friend! i loved the colours and i so agree with you in two things… that dogs are not the best assistants (so many times in which i am almost pressing the shutter and mr kobe pulls me in the opposite direction!) and those flares are magical!!! 🙂 hugs, twiggs

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