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The Bicycle Fetish

I am a collector of things. All sorts of things, depending on my mood. Right now my obsessions are cigar boxes, fabrics, vintage postcards, buttons, 19th century botanical prints, art nouveau fonts. When I was 5 I went through my “pretty soaps” collection period. Then, at about 8 years old was my “candle” period. During my early teens I was obsessed with bird watching and therefore accumulated an enormous selection of ornithology books. My angsty teen years were characterised by the collection of random articles that had “significant meaning” and were connected to some event in my life. Shoeboxes overflowing with movie tickets, train tickets, sweet wrappers, scribbled notes torn from school books, dried flowers, feathers, love letters… The list goes on.

Having lived a semi-nomadic lifestyle for almost 5 years has done much to break the habit of accumulating things and lately my collections of “stuff” have been mostly photographic. Anyone who has seen even a little bit of my work will know that I now collect windows, doors, lens flare, peeling paint… and bicycles.

(Those of you who have been following my page on Facebook will have seen these here already…)

Skagway, Alaska

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Casa Branca, Portugal

Florence, Italy

SOHO, New York City

Livorno, Italy

Juneau, Alaska

Elba, Italy

Florence, Italy

Paço d’Ilhas, Portugal

Livorno, Italy


  1. Thank you for the inspiration! I am so totally going to start a collection of photo themes. Only with 2 kids mine might be more along the line of Bubbles and Shoes (because seriously, I can not get enough of little itty bitty kids shoes!)


  2. maevdk

    Love this post, such great bicycle pictures! Thank you for commenting on my blog, I am now subscribed to yours, keep up the good work!


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  5. Ah ha! Another retro bike lover on-line. Your shots are beautiful Kerry. I also photograph bikes – only small-wheeled retro ones in my neighbourhood (Fitzroy, Melbourne). My shots are not as arty as yours, but the bikes are cute.


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