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One Year Here

So. I’ve been in Portugal for a year now. So far, so good. I’m not going to lie, it hasn’t been all daisies and ice-cream but the good things have by far outweighed the bad.

  1. Have (sortof) learnt to speak Portuguese. The basics, you know: “Do you have fresh ginger/peanut butter?” in the supermarket. (the answer is usually no… but thats another story)  Am not yet able to have a fight with someone in Portuguese, but not for lack of trying (A man accused my dog of pooping on his from yard, total lie! but I had to yell at him in English because I just can’t think fast enough in another language)
  2. Have a dog (see above) who does NOT poop on other peoples front yards. He is the cutest dog in the world and we love him very much.
  3. Have legal documents. Finally! Am now able to get a job and leave the country without fear of being barred when attempting to return.
  4. Have not yet starved or been unable to pay the mortgage. This is significant! Being freelance photographers trying to build a client base from zero in the middle of an “economic downturn” is pretty tough! But we’re getting there.
  5. Have a wonderful mother-in-law who gives us a weeks worth of food everytime we visit, which has definitely helped in the not-starving department. (see above)

And through all of these experiences I have been taking photos, because if Portugal is anything, it is a beautiful country. Truly beautiful. And if theres one thing that I like to do more than making lists (see above) its taking photos.

So then, these are some of my favourites from one year of here:


  1. Bela Almeida

    The last 16 years I have lived in many countries. Often,I found that it’s the differences in culture from my own ,that I find seductive.
    Thank you for all the beautiful photos! I love them.


  2. Rosa...a sogra (mother in law)

    a lena leu-me o que escreveste no blog. no que me diz respeito fiquei babada. e claro adorei as fotos. adorei que consideres este ano em portugal positivo.beijinhos


  3. Lovely shots. Delightful the surprises you give the viewer on scrolling down! Congratulations on your one year anniversary in Portugal! Stick with the language… it can only get easier. By the way, I’ve just reached the three month mark in my wife’s country, Chile. Saludos desde Santiago.


  4. Wow there is something beautifully rustic and natural about your photos. You have an eye for the rough and readiness of the world and I love it! I am often captivated by peeling posters and splintered doorways of London, and very intrigued about the disused underground stations that lie secretly – like burried time capsules. I can imagine you doing some stark photography under there!
    Keep it up and good luck with the language. Sounds like you’re doing so well.
    Anna x


  5. beautiful photos Kerry, I love the ones with the details, like the bike against the wall, or the window with the two chairs in front of it! Great work!
    Andrea x


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