The Creation of a Surfboard

I shot this series of images for a story in a local magazine (A Concelho Mafra) a month or so ago. How to make a surfboard:

The blanks are imported from South Africa (of course!) and machine-cut to the basic size.

Above, to the right is the blank before the cut, to the left is after.

The board is then sanded and the shape refined.

This is followed by the fibreglass and resin.

The Fin Control System is cemented in place at precisely the correct angle.

And then the board is given a final sanding to ensure a smooth and even surface.

Ready for the water!

Thanks to Luke Budd, resident shaper at Boardculture, and his team for their help in the making of this story.


  1. What a cool thing to shoot! nothing like the smell of resin in the morning 🙂
    love the sanding one…

  2. some great shots there, love the first one.

    1. Thanks! you have some awesome work on your flickr too

  3. ya that first one is super cool.

    There is something spiritual about making a surfboard isn’t there

  4. […] Also, a big thank you to both just cos blog and Boardculture for featuring my story on the making of a surfboard! You can see the original here. […]

  5. […] boardshaper for Boardculture here in Ericeira. (Also featured in an earlier story I did on the Creation of a Surfboard) I just take the photos, sorry […]

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