Beach love – São Julião

São Julião is our favourite beach in Ericeira, especially when you time it right and the tide is all the way out… it goes for miles and is almost always empty. Pure bliss. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen these already… they´re iPhone photos and edited with vsco cam.


Guincho is a beach on the Cascais coastline, just a little bit south of the Cabo de Roca. Generally known as the windy beach this is the kite-boarders spot and on any given day the sky is usually packed with brightly coloured kites… like Cape Town’s Blouberg when the South Easter is kicking. Luckily for me and my camera there was virtually no wind this past weekend… I have some more night shots too, but they have a totally different look so will be posted a bit later in the week.

Surf Central – Ribeira d’Ilhas

Ericeira is known for the multitude of different surf spots, each with their own characteristics and level of difficulty. Possibly the most famous of these beaches is Ribeira d’Ilhas, which recently hosted the Quiksilver Pro Portugal 2010. This is a beach to see and be seen, and in summer is packed with surfers and gorgeous girls wearing hardly anything. Obviously everyone is only there for the waves… It’s typically a sand and reef point break that changes dramatically from high to low tide and with swell direction. In general it is a fat slow wave that is easy to surf…

Foz do Lizandro

Foz do Lizandro is one of the many beaches on the Ericeira strip of coastline, but it is my favourite for various reasons, the most important being that it is the closest one to my house… I’m lazy like that. It’s long, a good surf spot, generally never full of people, has a river mouth and is also the home of Zé Pequenos favourite girlfriend, Tosca. The fact that she is much bigger than him has never put him off and he has had a huge crush on her ever since he was a little puppy.

The Creation of a Surfboard

I shot this series of images for a story in a local magazine (A Concelho Mafra) a month or so ago. How to make a surfboard: The blanks are imported from South Africa (of course!) and machine-cut to the basic size. Above, to the right is the blank before the cut, to the left is after. The board is then sanded and the shape refined. This is followed by the fibreglass and resin. The Fin Control System is cemented in place at precisely the correct angle. And then the board is given a final sanding to ensure a smooth and…