After the storm

I always make a point of going to Foz do Lizandro after heavy weather because between the flooded river and the rough seas there’s always a treasure of abandoned things washed up on the beach. It never fails to amuse and enthrall me the things I find half buried in the rain-soaked sand… once I found a mango, perfect and un-bruised. I took it home and ate it. It was delicious. Another time I found a pumpkin… we had roast chicken with pumpkin that night, and soup for several days… I didn’t tell my husband where the pumpkin came from until a while later, one never knows how husbands will react to these things…


  1. Haha, Kerry this is a really funny post!

    1. thanks dani! xx

  2. Love your photographs! I’m just wondering whether you’re related to my mother . . . she also picks up things to eat all the time! 😉

    1. haha! possibly! although i got it from my mom i think… she also taught me the art of collecting random stuff from the side of the road and turning it into something useful. My husband is slowly learning to appreciate this skill!

  3. amazing 🙂 all of them!

    1. obrigada! beijinhos xx

  4. LOVE your photos:) great places you’ve been to and see. feels like I saw more of the world through your blog!

  5. Kerry,
    I am so very new to photography but COMPLETELY in love with it!! My favorite subjects are people but your photographs make me think of other ways to see the world around me. Nothing short of amazing…gives me a great place to aim in my photography pursuits!


    1. Thanks for your kind words and good luck on your photographic adventures!

  6. i just absolutely love you! you ooze creativity girlfriend. i’m a fan!!!! xoxoxoxo

    1. thanks e-wall, coming from you, the queen of creative, thats a huge compliment! xxx

  7. Jeremy

    Ha, very good Kerry! Nice pics and I like the bit about the irrational, unpredictable husband 🙂 cos, you know, that’s how it normally works in relationships… … …

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