Spanish North Coast road trip – Day 8

Click here for Day 7: San Sebastian

This was the last day of our rainy Spanish adventure and we didn´t really explore much since we had loads of ground to cover and not much time for anything except driving. We stopped briefly in Salamanca, which is packed with tourists in spite of the fact that it´s pretty much in the middle of nowhere… and also a tiny little town called Palenzuela where it appears they have more sheep than people… like New Zealand then, only much hotter.

And so the story ends… we had a great time on this trip and made a few mental notes for the next time, like: actually pay attention to weather reports and have an alternative itinerary in case of crap weather… also, camping chairs are a worthwhile investment, on the list of things to buy for next time, because sitting on the ground isn´t as comfortable as it was 10 years ago. But otherwise? We had a blast, and it was great travelling with our dog, even if it does restrict you a little bit, it was worth it to have his cute face along for the ride.

Palenzuela Spain, Travelling in SpainPalenzuela Spain, Travelling in Spain
Palenzuela Spain, Travelling in SpainPalenzuela Spain, Travelling in Spainspanish roadtrip-28Salamanca Spain, Travelling in Spain


  1. fantastic shot.. i like the way you captured the flock of sheep

  2. Love the picture with the sheepherder! It looks like a great atmosphere 🙂

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