travel photography Luarca Asturias Spain

Luarca | Spain

Another town we visited during our Spanish mini-roadtrip was Luarca… a very picturesque fishing village on the north coast of Spain, in the Asturias region. We had such great luck with the weather this time around, if you´ve been following the blog for a while you may remember that we went camping in the Asturias and Basque Country in the summer of 2013 and it rained almost every day… so we were very happy to finally see this landscape in the sun! The fact that we weren´t staying in a tent was also a relief.

Travel photography Asturias Spain

Asturias | Spain

Last August we flew out to the north coast of Spain to photograph the wedding of an old school friend of mine (you can see it HERE). We have learnt from experience that when you´re travelling for work you don´t get to see much of the place you´re visiting unless you book a few extra days… and this is how we got to spend a few days exploring the Costa Verde in the Asturias region of Spain. This is the first of several posts as I photographed a lot and had to split it up, otherwise you would all be…

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Spanish North Coast road trip – Day 8

Click here for Day 7: San Sebastian This was the last day of our rainy Spanish adventure and we didn´t really explore much since we had loads of ground to cover and not much time for anything except driving. We stopped briefly in Salamanca, which is packed with tourists in spite of the fact that it´s pretty much in the middle of nowhere… and also a tiny little town called Palenzuela where it appears they have more sheep than people… like New Zealand then, only much hotter. And so the story ends… we had a great time on this trip…

Spanish North Coast road trip – Day 7: San Sebastian

Click HERE for Day 6: Mundaka to Zarautz San Sebastian! Known within the Basque country as Donostia, this city was the reason for our trip and it was great to finally be here and see that it was all worth the effort. This is definitely a place to spend a few days exploring… it´s quite a bit more expensive than the cities we visited on the previous 6 days but there´s loads to see and amazing food at every turn. This is without a doubt a foodie´s paradise.

Spanish North Coast Road trip – Day 6: Mundaka to Zarautz

Click HERE for Day 5: Bilbao to Mundaka Day 6. Almost a week of being on the road and just as many days of rain. This was the day that we finally cracked. Up until this point we had been cheerful and optimistic… “tomorrow will be better” “there´s nothing we can do about it so we might as well just embrace the rain” and all manner of positive phrases that we bounced about between the 2 of us. But then, when trying to visit San Juan de Gaztelugatxe (which is supposed to look like THIS) we encountered mist and rain…

Spanish North Coast Road trip – Day 5: Bilbao to Mundaka

Click HERE for day 4: Perlora to Bilbao The main reason for this road trip had been to spend some time exploring the Basque Country, as I have long been intrigued by this completely different culture tucked away on the mountains of north-eastern Spain and western France. The Basques are an ancient race of people, with a language completely unlike any other found in Europe. Their strong sense of cultural identity combined, perhaps, with their geographical isolation in the mountains means that since the Neolithic Era (Stone Age) this culture and language has evolved along it´s own path, with minimal…

Picos da Europa, Asturias, Spain

Spanish North Coast Roadtrip – Day 4: Perlora to Bilbao.

Click here for day 3: Valdoviño to Perlora. Day 4 found us in the Asturias region, the rainy Asturias region as I have it on good authority that the Asturias just wouldn´t be the same without the rain. *sigh. Are you getting sick of hearing me complain about the rain? You must be, because I am too… but you need to know that we tried really hard to be positive about it. We were all “embrace the rain” “it´s still beautiful…” yada yada… We had our game faces on, I promise. Our plan had been to follow the coast as…

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Spanish north coast road-trip: Day 3 – Valdoviño to Perlora

Click here for Day 2: Portonovo to Valdoviño Day 3 took us via the town of Cedeira up to  Porto do Barqueiro, a colourful little fishing village perched on the edge of the cliffs that we figured was the northern-most town in Spain, although I could stand corrected, but it certainly looked like it was on the map. We stopped and explored whenever the rain stopped long enough for us not to ruin our camera gear, but after Viveiro, with the rain still beating down, we decided to hit the highway again and push on to the Asturias region, where…

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Spanish North Coast Roadtrip – Day 2: Porto Novo to Valdoviño

(Click here for Day 1: Geres to Porto Novo) Our first morning in Galicia dawned grey, damp and misty… and we discovered that our tent had given up on life during the night and had broken in several places… so it went straight into the bin and we headed off in search of a new one. These things happen when you buy a 20Euro tent, but even so, it lasted us 6 years and several thousand kilometers, so we couldn´t really complain. We followed the coastline for most of the morning but then decided to push on to A Corunã…

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Spanish North Coast roadtrip – Day 1: Geres to Portonovo

So we had a 2 week stretch in June with no work on the schedule… something that doesn´t happen very often during the summer, most of the time we complain how we´re too busy working to enjoy it, so we weren´t going to let this opportunity go without taking advantage. The conversation went something like this: “Oh wow, have you seen how we have a bunch of free time in June!?” “Ya! Lets go somewhere!” “Ok, where…?” “Ummm, I dunno… I´ve heard that the north coast of Spain is really pretty?” So it was decided. Then, a week before the…