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Spanish North Coast road trip – Day 7: San Sebastian

Click HERE for Day 6: Mundaka to Zarautz

San Sebastian! Known within the Basque country as Donostia, this city was the reason for our trip and it was great to finally be here and see that it was all worth the effort. This is definitely a place to spend a few days exploring… it´s quite a bit more expensive than the cities we visited on the previous 6 days but there´s loads to see and amazing food at every turn. This is without a doubt a foodie´s paradise.

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  2. katiebay

    wonderful photos! love your work! brings back memories of my travels to that part of spain.


  3. Lovely images again Kerry…..I really like your photographic style: candid, street, vintage, desaturated. You have a great eye and use low-light very well.


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