Évora, Alentejo

The first time I visited Évora was back in 2007 and I fell in love with the city immediately… so much so that we were even talking about maybe living there once we decided to settle in Portugal. But then the second time I visited was in the peak of the summer, and I quickly changed my mind. The city is incredibly beautiful, yes… but 40 degree heat and absolutely no cooling breeze for 2 months of the year… not to mention the fact that it´s a bit far from the coast, is all too much for this wind and ocean loving soul… so living in Évora has been scratched off the list. I still love this place though, and visit as often as we can. The Alentejo is such a magical part of the country and this medieval city is just one of the regions many treasures.

evora-4 evora-3 evora-5 Evora evora-6 evora-7


  1. Lindas fotos como sempre. Uma grande inspiração. um dia quero fotografar assim…

    1. Obrigada Eliane, pelas palavras simpáticas! beijinhos xo

  2. Nice post. Recently I started following your blog. I really enjoyed your photographs. I’ve never been to Portugal but this post makes me want to buy a ticket!

    1. Thank you! You should definitely visit, Portugal is an amazing place. 🙂

  3. […] Continuing with the Alentejo theme, this is Évora, the biggest city in the northern part of the region and a place that I have blogged about before, you can see more HERE. […]

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