Évora | Alentejo

Continuing with the Alentejo theme, this is Évora, the biggest city in the northern part of the region and a place that I have blogged about before, you can see more HERE.

Things have been pretty crazy over at Piteira Photography the last few months and if you´ve been following me on Instagram you may have noticed that we´re on the road almost constantly, which is fun and exhilarating, but doen´t leave much time for beautifully descriptive blog posts… or for vacuuming the house, but that´s another story. So apologies for these short posts, I know it´s pretty much been “Here´s some photos, go have a look” for the last few weeks but as the summer winds down I will have more photos and words to share… but until then… here´s some photos, go have a look! 🙂

Evora-June-1 Evora-6 Evora-June-2 Evora-7 Evora-8 Evora-June-3 Evora-9


  1. Amazing shots! And how I wish I was travelling right now 😀

    1. Thanks Trish!xo

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