Coudelaria de Alter | Alentejo

Another place we visited on our tour of the Alentejo was the Coudelaria de Alter (the Alter Stud Farm). This was an important stop on the “Portugal Itinerary” as my sister and my mom are both very horsey people and therefore my dad didn´t have any choice in the matter. I would never have thought to visit if my sister hadn´t insisted but it was definitely worth it, it´s a beautiful place and the horses are magnificent.

Alter do Chao-1 Alentejo Horses-9 Alter do Chao-8 Alentejo Horses-5 Alter do Chao-10 Alentejo Horses-1 Alter do Chao-3 Alentejo Horses-2 Alter do Chao-2 Alentejo Horses-3 Alter do Chao-5 Alentejo Horses-4 Alter do Chao-6 Alentejo Horses-6 Alter do Chao-7 Alter do Chao-4 Alentejo Horses-7 Alter do Chao-9 Alentejo Horses-8


  1. Chelle Fernandes

    LOVE the horses ❤ xx

    1. Thanks Chelle, hope you guys are well!! xo

  2. Que coisa mais linda, não sabia que havia sítios assim em Portugal. Adoro animais e cavalos estão nos primeiros lugares. Magnificas as tuas fotos como sempre 🙂 bjs

  3. They are magnificent indeed, and so are the captures!

    1. Thank you, Paula. 🙂

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