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Oviedo | Spain

Our first stop on our Asturian trip last summer was the small city of Oviedo. As usual, we gravitate towards the food markets… it´s like a built-in compass that we have, impossible to avoid. So it didn´t take us long to find Oviedo´s Mercado, which is where we spent most of our time (and our money).

The Asturians are very much into super-stinky blue cheese and cured meats… loads of cured meats. This is not a vegetarian friendly destination, but lucky for us we´re not (vegetarians) and a fair amount of our returning luggage was filled with jamon.

Oviedo Asturias Spain-16 Oviedo Asturias Spain-1 Oviedo Asturias Spain-2 Oviedo Asturias Spain-11 Oviedo Asturias Spain-12 Oviedo Asturias Spain-9 Oviedo Asturias Spain-13 Oviedo Asturias Spain-14 Oviedo Asturias Spain-3 Oviedo Asturias Spain-4 Oviedo Asturias Spain-10 Oviedo Asturias Spain-5 Oviedo Asturias Spain-6 Oviedo Asturias Spain-15 Oviedo Asturias Spain-7 Oviedo Asturias Spain-8


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