Oviedo | Spain

Our first stop on our Asturian trip last summer was the small city of Oviedo. As usual, we gravitate towards the food markets… it´s like a built-in compass that we have, impossible to avoid. So it didn´t take us long to find Oviedo´s Mercado, which is where we spent most of our time (and our money).

The Asturians are very much into super-stinky blue cheese and cured meats… loads of cured meats. This is not a vegetarian friendly destination, but lucky for us we´re not (vegetarians) and a fair amount of our returning luggage was filled with jamon.

Oviedo Asturias Spain-16 Oviedo Asturias Spain-1 Oviedo Asturias Spain-2 Oviedo Asturias Spain-11 Oviedo Asturias Spain-12 Oviedo Asturias Spain-9 Oviedo Asturias Spain-13 Oviedo Asturias Spain-14 Oviedo Asturias Spain-3 Oviedo Asturias Spain-4 Oviedo Asturias Spain-10 Oviedo Asturias Spain-5 Oviedo Asturias Spain-6 Oviedo Asturias Spain-15 Oviedo Asturias Spain-7 Oviedo Asturias Spain-8


  1. Wow, so much unusual looking, smelling and tasting food. Looks yummy!

  2. delicious!

  3. What a great window with sausages! 😀

  4. Hi Kerry

    Chuma the homeless Artist

  5. Love your website and I hope we can chat on Twitter. Hope all is well with you
    As I’m facing new and exciting challenges in my life. All with the grace that comes Almighty.

  6. got intrigued by the tittle. I have no clue about the city, but the name itself took me to the memory of a movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona. Oviedo mentioned on the script.

    Lovely photos you have.

    .: Efi :.

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