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San Sebastian | Spain

San Sebastian, or Donostia, is another city that we had previously visited but we spent a few days here on our trip because: pintxos. The Spanish lay claim to tapas but the Basques take it to a whole other level with their version: bigger, tastier and far more inventive than mere tapas, pintxos are more than just a pre-dinner snack or accompaniment to a few drinks. Pintxos eating is a huge part of the local culture and a social event in itself. Food is life in the Basque country, so we definitely weren´ t going to skip through town without eating as…

Travel Photography Extremadura Spain

Extremadura | Spain

It´s been so long since I last published something here that I´m almost embarrassed to share these images with you, from a few months ago in Spain. We have been on the road now for 4 months and I´m currently sitting in Croatia with a pretty decent internet connection, which is SUCH a luxury you can´t even imagine. By far, the trickiest part of this whole digital nomad lifestyle is the “digital” bit… getting online has been way tougher than expected and when we do get internet, there are a million other things to sort out so my blog unfortunately…

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Cudillero | Spain

On our last day in the Asturias region of Spain we left our lovely Airbnb and slowly meandered our way along the coast in the direction of the airport for our afternoon flight back home to Lisbon.  The sunny weather abandoned us as we drove and by the time we arrived in Cudillero it was gently raining… but we couldn´t really be upset as we´d has so many days of sunshine which is really rare here. We had “Fabada” for lunch, a bean and cured pork type of stew which is very salty, smokey and incredibly filling. We have since…

travel photography asturias spain

Oviedo | Spain

Our first stop on our Asturian trip last summer was the small city of Oviedo. As usual, we gravitate towards the food markets… it´s like a built-in compass that we have, impossible to avoid. So it didn´t take us long to find Oviedo´s Mercado, which is where we spent most of our time (and our money). The Asturians are very much into super-stinky blue cheese and cured meats… loads of cured meats. This is not a vegetarian friendly destination, but lucky for us we´re not (vegetarians) and a fair amount of our returning luggage was filled with jamon.