Quinta de Sant´Ana

qsa-wine2wine farm photography portugal

These images are the culmination of a year long project documenting the day to day activities of the Quinta de Sant`Ana, a wine estate just north of Lisbon. The idea of the project was to capture the year of a wine farm, following the seasons and recording all the elements that influence the time-line of small scale wine production. The quinta recently updated their website with some of these images, which you can see in the screen-grabs above. And the photos below are some of my favourites from the year long project… as well as a “behind the scenes” shot of me looking ridiculous in a beekeepers suit in order to document the hives.

QSA Wine-1 Quinta SantAna-13 QSA Wine-4 Quinta SantAna-14 QSA Wine-5 Quinta SantAna-16 Quinta SantAna-15 Quinta SantAna-5 Quinta SantAna-3 Quinta SantAna-1 Quinta SantAna-4 QSA Wine-2 Quinta SantAna-6 Quinta SantAna-7 Quinta SantAna-8 Quinta SantAna-2 Quinta SantAna-10 Quinta SantAna-9 Quinta SantAna-11 QSA Wine-3 Quinta SantAna-12


  1. This combines two of my favourite subjects….photography and wine. Bliss!

  2. amazing kerry! so nice! I love your editorial work!!! ksssss

  3. Quinta de Sant’Ana is such a wonderful place to visit and the Frost family are an inspiration. Hard work, love and dedication have formed this estate and the only way to get the feel is to go and visit. Wines pretty good too…

    1. Absolutely true, we love the Frost´s and the wine isn´t too shabby either 😉

  4. rampenkar

    When I imagine heaven it looks like your pics. Somehow it just connects in my brain.

    would love if you get a chance to check out some of the pics I took in my new blog, I would appreciate your expert eye giving my your opinion;)

  5. parece-me muito bem 🙂 obrigada

  6. Beautiful quinta!!! 😀
    Great photos! 🙂

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