Travel Photography Lisbon Portugal

Enjoy! Transavia | July August 2018

A few months ago I spent the day in Lisbon shooting the LX Factory for Transavia´s onboard publication, Enjoy! Magazine. You can see the online edition HERE or onboard Transavia over the next few months.

Travel Photographer Lisbon Portugal

Rhapsody Magazine | September 2016

Earlier this year I was contacted by Rhapsody, United Airlines inflight magazine, to photograph the Portuguese street artist Vhils and his works in Lisbon. I have been a huge fan of his work for many years and it was amazing to have the chance to meet him and hear more about his work and inspiration. The article ran in the September issue, you can see it in First and Business class on United Airlines, or see the story online HERE

Nazaré | Portugal

A few images from a trip up the west coast to the fishing town of Nazaré, famous for big wave surfing and bad-ass old ladies who wear loads of skirts (all at the same time). I didn´t get any photos of the ladies, but next time I will.

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Quinta de Sant´Ana

These images are the culmination of a year long project documenting the day to day activities of the Quinta de Sant`Ana, a wine estate just north of Lisbon. The idea of the project was to capture the year of a wine farm, following the seasons and recording all the elements that influence the time-line of small scale wine production. The quinta recently updated their website with some of these images, which you can see in the screen-grabs above. And the photos below are some of my favourites from the year long project… as well as a “behind the scenes” shot…

Boipeba Island Bahia Brazil

Boipeba Island, Bahia | Brazil

Boipeba island was definitely the highlight of our trip and I could have easily stayed here a week or more. In the end we did stay longer than planned and cut Morro de São Paulo out of our itinerary which I think was one of the best last-minute decisions we made. This island is incredible, it feels as though you´ve stepped back in time… there are no cars, only horses and donkey carts. The town is small and everything is within walking distance. Kids and dogs roam free in the streets, safe from speeding traffic (because there isn´t any). The beaches…

Be Aromatic

In the autumn of 2014 we spent a few days out in the Alentejo documenting the workings of an organic herb farm for our friends at “Be Aromatic“, who specialise in growing herbs for the essential oil industry. This is a relatively new business and they needed their website to have a cohesive set of images to illustrate who they are and what they do… without being too corporate or industrial about it. Theirs is a family-run production and they have a strong connection to the earth, this is their business but it´s also their life philosophy… they live on…

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Food and Home Entertaining – November 2014

In November 2014 an article that I both wrote and photographed was published in Food and Home Entertaining, South Africa´s leading food magazine. As a South African living in Portugal it was quite cool to work on this story, it was great to be able to promote Portugal in my home country. This was also a challenge because it´s the first time I´ve written as well as photographed for a magazine… and hopefully it´s something I´ll be able to do again. I tried to focus on lesser-known places in Portugal… everyone knows about Lisbon and the Algarve but Portugal has…

food photographer portugal

Accent Magazine for AeroMexico – September 2014

Some tear sheets from an assignment I shot for the September issue of Accent, Aeromexico´s first and business class in-flight magazine. Next week I will blog some of my favourite shots and out-takes from this assignment.

Travel & Food Photographer Portugal

Travel & Leisure Mexico – May 2014

A couple of months ago I was contacted by Travel and Leisure Mexico to shoot a story about the emerging modern food scene in Lisbon. I had the best time on this assignment, it was basically a fabulous combination of my 3 favourite activities… photography, travel and eating! And holy smokes did we eat. I was joined by food journalist Mariana Camacho from Mexico and we spent 5 days surrounded by food and wine in some amazing restaurants. This is the magazine layout as the story was published, CLICK HERE to see some of the out-takes and a few of my…

Festas da Lisboa | Lisbon Festivals

June is my favourite time of year to be in Lisbon… it´s the month in which the city dresses up and parties hard, the wine flows, the local party music drifts through the evening haze, carried along by the smoke of a hundred charcoal fires and the smell of sardines… delicious grilled sardines which, for me, is such a quintessentially Portuguese thing I don´t think I´d even be able to associate them with any other country. The city of Lisbon is essentially like a bunch of small villages crammed together… there are residential areas tucked away in the middle of…