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Nazaré | Portugal

A few images from a trip up the west coast to the fishing town of Nazaré, famous for big wave surfing and bad-ass old ladies who wear loads of skirts (all at the same time). I didn´t get any photos of the ladies, but next time I will.

Nazare Portugal Nazare Portugal Nazare Portugal Nazare Portugal Nazare Portugal Nazare Portugal Nazare Portugal


    • Thank you! Just visited your blog and love your Venice images, can´t wait to be back there later this summer. Also, can´t believe how long I´ve been following you on IG and never actually visited your blog. So silly!

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  1. barbara erasmus

    great pics. iwould love to retire there, is it difficult for south africans who are not portuguese?

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  2. Beaches are my fav ! would love to visit this place ! and most important – Awesome Photography which has brought life and beauty to the place !

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  3. I think I fell in love with the color of the water, the different shades of turquoise paired with the foamy white. It looks beautiful against the paleness of the sand, which even though is a darker shade, presents a muted, quite delicate quality to it.

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  4. Christin Großheim

    I’m really in love with Portugal especially with Nazaré, it’s an amazing place to be!

    Best regards,

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  5. Wow this looks absolutely stunning! I visited Portugal a few times when I was a child but now I’m older I definitely want to return soon! The beaches, weather and food are amazing. I’ve never been to this part of Portugal mind, i think it was Albufeira I visited which was also gorgeous. I recently put up a blog post about places I’ve visited, mainly within Europe. Are you still travelling through Europe now? Great post! xx

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  6. Beautiful place! I recently visited St Lucia which I talked briefly about (including photos) on my recent blog post for Earth Day and have an interesting question for you and whoever wants to comment their answer, related to a beautiful place you’ve visited in the world.


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