Passeite | Organic olive oil in Portugal

Marije and Gui are a Dutch-Portuguese couple producing top quality olive oil in the Coimbra region of Portugal. We have known them for almost a decade and these two are powerhouses, always up to something new and innovative. Gui opened and runs a restaurant, Taberna do Azeite, in the old part of Coimbra (closed now thanks to COVID) that focused especially on paring olive oils with small plates of food. And Marije is the chief farming lady: planting, clearing, pruning, harvesting, pressing, bottling and packaging their organic, small batch extra virgin olive oil for their brand, Passeite. Safe to say that these two never stop!

We had been wanting to photograph the olive harvest for ages and Marije would invite us every year but we could never make it due to work and conflicting schedules… but then 2020 happened and suddenly our schedules were wide open, so olive harvest was on. We drove up in our camper and spent a few days documenting the process and catching up with friends. This is the result.

One Comment

  1. Such a beautiful photo diary!
    I feel that olives are one of the most sustainable (oil) crops.

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