Sal Verde – A cookbook

This cookbook project was many years in the making, a passion project for both Rute, the author, and I. We have been friends for many years and had often talked about one day making a cookbook. When the opportunity arose, we jumped at the chance, not knowing that it would be almost 3 years later that our book would be printed and on the shelf.

The entire production took place on Rute´s farm in the Alentejo and we cooked and styled and photographed and tasted and then cooked again and then photographed again… and then again just one more time as it wasn’t quite there… The seasons rolled by and almost 2 years and 7 long sessions of cooking and shooting (and then cooking again and shooting again) and several thousand images later, we were finally ready to go to print.

The Portuguese edition came out in November 2020 and the English language edition has just been released this week, both linked and available to purchase on Be Aromatic´s website. I am very proud of the work and hope that I get the chance in the future to photograph more amazing projects like this one.


  1. Very nice, Kerry, as always. Congratulations.

    1. Thanks so much!!

  2. […] cookbook, Sal Verde, that I published with Be Aromatic was featured in the most recent edition of the Observador […]

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