In love with Kalk Bay

You may remember my photos of this gorgeous little town from when we visited last year, but suffice to say that it is definitely one of our favourite places on the Peninsula and we are harbouring secret desires of being able to afford a house here… maybe one day? I’m just putting that out there, so the universe knows what I’m after… This time we visited, we also spent the afternoon with 2 wonderful people, also photographers: Wesley Vorster and Catherine Mac, who we feel like we’ve known since forever and had the best time with, just being silly and…

Kalk Bay

Kalk Bay is a small seaside town on the False Bay coast of the Cape Peninsula. Populated mostly by hippies, fishermen, vegetarians and homeless people… with a sprinkling of the hip young crowd seeking solace from the big city… it’s the kind of place where anything goes, really. The vibe is vintage bohemian and could very easily turn into one of those authentic towns ruined by the noveau-riche but luckily for us all the working harbour (and¬†the homeless shelter)¬†ensures that there are still normal people living here… well, I guess normal is relative here in Kalk Bay.