Travel Photography Pico Azores

Pico Island | Azores, Portugal

From Faial we hopped on a ferry across to Pico, named for the volcanic mountain peak that dominates the skyline and is visible from almost everywhere on the island, as well as from the neighbouring Faial and São Jorge. Pico is famous for her mountain (obviously) and also for her wine. We were ill equipped to climb mountains so made up for it by drinking a lot of wine instead. Pico is known for her wines and it is mind-blowing that the first people here even managed to get vines to grow in this harsh, windy climate and volcanic terrain….

Travel Photography Faial Azores

Faial Island | Azores, Portugal

Last summer we took a trip to the Azores islands, more specifically the central group that consists of Faial, Pico and São Jorge.  These volcanic islands are absolutely spectacular and still relatively undiscovered… and hopefully they stay that way. Faial is a stopping point on most transatlantic sailboat voyages so in spite of it being a tiny island lost in the middle of the ocean, the vibe here is super international, with the sailing crowd from all over the world in town, fixing boats, topping up supplies and just generally taking advantage of a few days on land. SaveSave

São Miguel, Azores. Travel photography Portugal

São Miguel, Azores

The second place I got to visit in the Azores was the island of São Miguel… we flew in to photograph a wedding and spent a few days on the island, exploring. One thing you need to be prepared for on these islands is rain… lots of it, and always when you least expect it. We were lucky in Terceira and only got rain on the last day. São Miguel, unfortunately, wasn’t so kind to us (or our wedding couple!) but in spite of the weather (or maybe because of it… ) this place is incredible. Black rocky beaches, clear…

Terceira Island, Azores

Terceira Island, Azores

A belated Happy New Year, lovely people! 2013 is here, in full force… and the internet is full of people looking back, people looking forward… there’s something about this time of year that does that to you. So I’m not entirely jumping on the “retrospective” band wagon with this one, although these photos were taken may months ago and have been waiting patiently for me to do something with them. And I’m also not going to make any promises/resolutions about blogging more frequently, because I did that last year and look how far that got me! So. The Azores!! Terceira…