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Travel Photography Faial Azores
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Faial Island | Azores, Portugal

Last summer we took a trip to the Azores islands, more specifically the central group that consists of Faial, Pico and São Jorge.  These volcanic islands are absolutely spectacular and still relatively undiscovered… and hopefully they stay that way. Faial is a stopping point on… Read More

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It´s about early spring, sunshine on the balcony, lazy days with good friends, flaky pastry, smokey bacon, guitar riffs wafting in on the breeze, dirty dishes that someone else will wash up… hopefully… otherwise, who cares? They can stay there until tomorrow.

travel photographer rome
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Tiber River, Rome

One of my favourite times of day to photograph a city is that half an hour after sunset… when there’s still a bit of dusk light in the sky and the city lights are on and twinkling in the blue, fading glow of the evening.… Read More