Zé Pequeno

Introducing the second most important person in my life right now. (because dogs are people too…) And really, Zé Pequeno is about as human as they get. He loves the sofa, he enjoys the National Geographic channel, (especially when they have bunnies) his favourite meal is roast chicken and his preferred leisure activities are long walks on the beach at sunset, or scenic drives with the windows open. I mean really, it sounds like an advert on a dating service!


  1. Love Ze Pequeno … what a sweet face….. LOL the last pic … big yawn! hehe!!

  2. clarasmiles

    OMG!! so cute…amazing

  3. The camera loves him! thanks for your comments – Gena and Clara. xx

  4. Fantastic… Love it. Ze Pequeno it´s a great model, no doubt.
    Congratulations Kerry

  5. Gorgeous dog, beautifully shot! All the best with him…

  6. very cute! beautiful shot! Can u tell me which camera and lens you use ?

  7. Stunning portraits! He looks to adorable 🙂

    1. He’s naughty but we love him to bits!

  8. Great shots! He’s adorable, and you capture him perfectly!

  9. […] long, a good surf spot, generally never full of people, has a river mouth and is also the home of Zé Pequenos favourite girlfriend, Tosca. The fact that she is much bigger than him has never put him off and […]

  10. […] little while ago I took a (long) drive down south to the Costa Vicentina, with Zé Pequeno in tow of course. This was the first time I had driven so far on my own (on the wrong side of the […]

  11. […] Posted on February 21, 2011 by Kerry There is a surprisingly large amount of things that Zé Pequeno and I have in common… we share a deep fondness for roast chicken, walking on the beach, nap […]

  12. […] equipa e mal esperamos para o fazermos novamente. Como podem ver até o nosso cãozinho Zé Pequeno, fez parte da acção… com o seu lacinho vermelho a esbanjar charme. Secretamente acho que […]

  13. […] dog is involved in their wedding, which is something we so wished we could do… unfortunately our pup isn’t handbag size and doesn’t travel as easily as their little Meeko… He joined […]

  14. Inês Lopes

    vim aqui dar do post de Roma.. lindo o Zé Pequeno 🙂

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