Back to the Beach

So it turns out I remembered one good thing about summer ending: we get our beaches back. And by “we” I mean the dog-loving population of my little town.

During the summer (well, technically all year round) dogs are forbidden from setting their little paws on the sand so the beginning of autumn and the absence of life-guards is the sign that our doggies are once again allowed to chase the seagulls and eat indeterminate dead objects buried in the sand. (Joy!)

These are a few photos from our last family outing.


  1. Lovely pics Kerry!!! and enjoy the beaches … I’m sure Ze Pequeno will!!!
    G xx

    1. thanks Gena! x

  2. I love your photos. All the images are well saturated and composed nicely. 🙂

  3. How do you make those pics look soooooo good! I feel sunny just looking at them.

  4. Lynn Indrizzo

    Love your pictures and your blog!

  5. lovit! Now off to lovely summer in SA!!

  6. Wonderful bokeh, light and tones in the diptych of the sand.

  7. […] Photography ( and this photo was originally featured here ( on my travel photography blog Kerry Murray Photography […]

  8. I love the photo of the starfish!

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