Surf Central – Ribeira d’Ilhas

Ericeira is known for the multitude of different surf spots, each with their own characteristics and level of difficulty. Possibly the most famous of these beaches is Ribeira d’Ilhas, which recently hosted the Quiksilver Pro Portugal 2010. This is a beach to see and be seen, and in summer is packed with surfers and gorgeous girls wearing hardly anything. Obviously everyone is only there for the waves…

It’s typically a sand and reef point break that changes dramatically from high to low tide and with swell direction. In general it is a fat slow wave that is easy to surf with a soft lip but in southerly swells and low tides, with certain layouts of sand on the bottom, it can be a fast running top to bottom type of wave.

And just in case you were thinking “wow, this chick really knows her waves…” no, let me not deceive you. This is according to my friend Luke Budd, Durban boy, surfer and hot-stuff resident boardshaper for Boardculture here in Ericeira. (Also featured in an earlier story I did on the Creation of a Surfboard) I just take the photos, sorry guys.

P.S. If you wanted to see actual surf photos, none of this landscape business, then head over here for some shots of the recent Quiksilver Pro Portugal 2010.


  1. Love your sense of space. Your work appeals to me a great deal. I do my significant work on the prairie. You’re very inspiring.

  2. Hi Kerry, I am trying to purchase an image from a recent “Quiksilver G-land Resurrected” expedition to the famed East Java pointbreak. I selected an image credited to “Murray” and wonder if that is you. I see from your website you have a previous association with Quiksilver. Link to the image is “—exploring-javas-famed-pointbreak_48465/”. Image No. 33 of 35.
    I hope it is you and we can come to an arrangement for the use of this image.
    Yours sincerely,
    Tom Williams.

  3. Sorry Kerry, I believe I’ve tracked down one Jason Murray.
    Thanks anyway

    1. No problem, I only saw your comment now, sorry I couldn’t help.

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