Back to the real world.

Its true when they say “time flies when your having fun”… seems like just yesterday I was manically packing, wedding planning and writing multiple posts to keep my blog from dying of boredom while I was away.

But in spite of the return to winter and the imminent hibernation of my beautiful tan I am happy to be back with my dog snuggled up next to me and the prospect of a brand new year with a new set of exciting events and challenges ahead.

Also, if you have been living under a rock for the last few months you may have missd the wonderful news that I GOT MARRIED! to the most fantastic guy in the world and the photos (by the divine and beautiful Charlene Schreuder) are here.

Christmas Day 2010,  “Die Dam”,  South Africa


  1. and gorgeous ph0otos they are too!! Congrats again!!!

  2. Congratulations Kerry!! Those photos could easily have come straight out of a romantic Hollywood film, they are just breathtaking! Lots of love, long life and happiness to you both!!

  3. Great blog Kerry and nice photograph.

  4. Your pictures are gorgeous, hope you enjoy this new chapter of your journey 🙂

  5. Congratulations! Your photos are wonderful.

  6. maria joão mesquita castelo hick

    Congratulations Kerry and Luís !!!!
    We are both very Happy for you….
    The photos are B…E…A…U…T…I…F…U…L…..

    God Bless you always!

    Maria João and David

  7. beautiful photo! (and congratulations!) you have a gorgeous blog.

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