Return to the Motherland…

Christmas in the southern hemisphere is quite the different event in comparison to our friends up north. Christmas time is summer time, beach, picnics and surfing, and this year was no exception. There are those (perhaps with fond memories of white Christmases) who insist on doing the traditional dinner with course after course of rich, hot, steaming food but my family has thankfully never had any such delusions of “Northern Hemispherity”.

Ours was an African Christmas, we made a fish braai (barbeque), drank beer, sat in the sun and went to the beach, not particularly in that order. Now that’s the kind of Christmas that I know and love.

These photos were taken in and around Cape Agulhas where we spend the holidays with friends and family…


  1. Oh, how we love xmas in Africa! Wouldn’t mind experiencing a white one, one day though. Your pics are beautiful – makes me homesick…wait I am home

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  3. Awesome images Kerry! Love the one with the chickens!

  4. danfarcaphoto

    As usual, very cool series of images.And of course it had to be one with a bicycle 🙂

  5. Beautiful photos – they definitely have a nostalgic feel to them. Great work!

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