Apple Sharlotka

I am a big follower of foodie blogs, for the food, obviously, but also for the photography. Every time I spend 5 minutes on Pinterest I discover another deliciously photographed food blog that joins my list of favourites… This Apple Sharlotka is from Smitten Kitchen, a blog I have been following for some time now, and the recipes and photos never fail to inspire. I changed a few things from the original… switching white sugar for soft brown (because it was all I had) I used the seeds of half a vanilla pod instead of vanilla extract (because I was feeling fancy) and I halved the baking time because I used a bundt cake tin instead of a regular one. Do yourself a favour and visit Smitten Kitchen for the recipe, this cake is delicious!


  1. Que delicia Kerry….. não só o “bolo” mas também as fotos!!! Yummy!!

  2. Gosh, you make even a drippy used measuring cup look rather gorgeous and inviting. I must learn to look at my kitchen with a photographer’s – rather than a housekeeper’s – eye, and perhaps it will look more appealing!

    1. thanks Cynthia! xx

  3. Yummy…
    Fiquei com àgua na boca…
    Ahhh, e as fotos estão excelentes!

  4. Yum! Very nice set, a job done well. 😀

  5. Looks Tasty!

  6. Your blog is awesome! By the way could you please tell me how you put pictures on the index page? I use the same theme with you but mine does not show the pictures on the index page. Thank you so much. (

    1. You need to set a featured image for each blog post.

      1. Thank you so much!!!

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