Blurry Things

I have pretty bad eyesight, in that I am extremely shortsighted… have been since I was 7 years old, I was that kid at school with the ugly thick glasses, you know, the one who should have been really shy and quiet, so as to avoid being picked on, except I was loud and pretty obnoxious, which didn’t work too well for me in the picked on department. I guess I should have thought that strategy through a bit more… Either way, I wear contact lenses now, and I’m still pretty obnoxious, but getting better with age… and this is what the world looks like to me when I wake up in the morning. Sometimes when we’re driving at night (not me driving, to be clear) I take out my lenses just to watch the lights passing by in a colourful blur. It’s actually really pretty and now that I don’t have to wear the thick glasses anymore I almost feel like I’m privileged somehow, I get to see the world in a way not many others do, when I want to…


  1. Now, this is by far one of your best articles! Plus I never knew you were(are) a geek, like me :))) The perspective of the photos is absolutely unique, great job Squirrel!

  2. Interesting exercise…
    Is that how you see without glasses ?

    1. more or less, yes… particularly the first image.

  3. Inês Lopes

    Awww I know that feeling. I’ve been using glasses since I was 2 years old and even though I see much better than you do now, I know it’s only temporary. But when I’m really tired I like to take off my glasses and see the world almost like this. I think it’s beautiful in it’s own way and you’ve captured it nicely 🙂

  4. Oh Squirrel you see things beautifully,,with and without your “eyes”

  5. Imke Rust

    I can relate so much! Your pics are beautiful, even though not being able to see things clearly always made me feel so uncomfortable – now you show the beauty of it. Thank you. I enjoy many of the photos on your site :o)

  6. is it possible to get these in bigger jpg files? these would be great as desktop wallpapers.. very well done 😉

  7. lovely post, I too have terrible short sighted vision, but never thought to translate it to my photography work, great images. Have you seen Uta Barths work?
    Lillian Spibey Photography

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